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Superhood is a local social media like no other. Connect with all the neighborhoods you love, and discover a happier life – one post at a time.Here's how it works.

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Currently available in Finland and Berlin!


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Currently available in Finland
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Local events, happenings, news, and services in one single app

Stay in touch

Stay in Touch

Keep up with your neighbors, favorite businesses, and organizations.

Support local

Support Local

Discover interests, initiatives and services. Seek or give help as needed.

Boost community

Boost Community

Collaborate with people and build the ties that bind with your neighborhoods.

Privacy built-in

Privacy Built-in

There’s no mandatory account registration, no personal addresses required, and no groups to join.

Personal by design

Personal by Design

Connect with your neighborhoods and select your interests. You are in control of your feed.

Safety in the know

Safety in the Know

Know what’s going on in your neighborhoods, and post something if you see something.

Value for the complete local ecosystem

Superhood is not selling people’s location or personal information. Superhood is a location-based digital platform that promotes discovery, communication, and collaboration between local people and organizations. Our mission is to provide tools and value for the complete local ecosystem.

City and authorities
Cities & Authorities

Keep a finger on the pulse of the residents and help people find the services you provide.

More for cities
Local business
Local Businesses

Reach your potential customers — people who live in, work in or visit your local community.

More for Businesses
Local news and media
Local News & Media  

Increase your distribution, attract new readers, and create a new revenue source.

Online marketplaces
Online Marketplaces

Enrich your discovery and visibility by helping local sellers and buyers find each other.

Better local social media

We had a problem. How to keep up with local issues when the information from the city, authorities, and neighbors is dispersed throughout various channels and social media groups?

As a solution, we built Superhood, a privacy-preserving social media platform to serve the local ecosystems globally. A platform that has no mandatory registration, no groups to join, no information gatekeepers, no excessive algorithms, and no user tracking. Superhood’s mission is to transform neighborhoods into inclusive and happy places, where everyone can make their voice heard.

Superhood is a global company headquartered in the capital of the happiest country in the world, Helsinki, Finland.