Frequently asked questions

Superhood is designed and built for the complete local ecosystems of people, businesses, and organizations.

What is Superhood?

Superhood is a free app and service that keeps you connected with the neighborhoods you care about: where you live and work, your hometown, where your loved ones reside, your favorite vacation spots, and anywhere you enjoy spending time.

Superhood is social, but not a social network. You don't have to follow people or businesses, and you don't have to request to join a group. You don't even have to register an account to use Superhood. Just download the app and connect with your neighborhoods.

On Superhood, you can share and discuss local issues, learn about your neighbors’ interests and ideas, and keep up with what is going on with the local authorities. You can also receive special offers and discounts from the community businesses.

How do I use Superhood?

Using Superhood is simple. Download the app, find or draw your neighborhood on our interactive map, select your interests in the area, and you are connected.

You don't have to register an account to start using Superhood. You can identify yourself when you are ready to start sharing or participating in discussions.

Where is Superhood available?

Superhood has no geographical limits, so you can start using Superhood anywhere. Because the app is in beta mode, you might be the first person in a given area. Please help us spread the word by sharing Superhood with your neighbors and local businesses to make the app more useful for you. We will encourage local authorities and organizations to join Superhood to keep you updated about local decisions and developments.

How do I post on Superhood?

Just click “New post,” take a photo or video or add an image, write your message, and you are ready to post. All posts in Superhood are geographically tagged, so you don't have to think about what group to post to. Note that you don't have to reveal your exact location when you post — the geotag is fuzzy by default. However, you can decide to show your post's precise location if you'd like to share that information.

How can my business post something on Superhood?

Superhood for Business is a separate app, which gives you tools to promote your business and post locally. Superhood for Business works like the main Superhood app, so you can also connect and interact with and contribute to your neighborhood.

Is Superhood private or open to anyone?

Superhood is open to everyone — there are no private groups or elite clubs. We believe that open information and a welcoming environment keep neighborhoods healthy and happy.

Is Superhood moderated?

Superhood is collectively community moderated, similar to Wikipedia. You can participate in moderation by verifying local information or tagging false or questionable posts.

Is there any content that is off-limits on Superhood?

Superhood supports and encourages open, respectful communication. We disapprove of abusive behavior and content. We will also remove false, inappropriate, and illegal content.

Is my information safe and secure?

We designed and built Superhood to safeguard your information and privacy. Superhood does not require your home address or personal information. You can connect entirely anonymously, post semi-anonymously, or use your real name – whatever is your preference. We use industry best practices to keep the posted content and information safe.

Superhood is not selling people’s location or personal information.

How does Superhood make money?

Unlike other social media services, Superhood does not rely on traditional targeted online advertising as a revenue source. We don't need to nor want to track you. However, naturally, we do have to make money to keep the service running and commercially viable.

Superhood offers geographically targeted advertising to businesses and organizations. We also provide premium in-app features for a fee. Geographically targeted advertising means that a company or brand can advertise in a selected area. Note that the advertisements do not appear in users’ news feeds. There is a separate, small area in the app for local promotions.

Tools for businesses and organizations mean, for example, APIs and functions that automate posting content and information to various neighborhoods. We also can provide analytics that present anonymized results from local surveys.

In-app premium features are for local small businesses to use some advanced features of the app.  Individuals can also use these features if desired (optional). These features include, for example, a way to highlight your posts to make sure people pay attention to important issues in your area.

How do I report another user?

Superhood is collectively community moderated. You can verify local information and posts using the “Verify” icon and menu in the app. You can also report suspicious or false posts and users who are exhibiting unwanted or other malicious behavior.

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