Keep your local customers informed and loyal

Superhood is an interactive bulletin board for neighborhoods, helping you to engage with your existing and potential customers — people who live in, work in, visit, or otherwise care about your local community.

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Currently available in Finland

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Currently available in Finland
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Don't get lost in social media algorithms



Keep your customers informed about what's going on in your business.

Understand customers


Learn through direct feedback and by observing local trends and preferences.



Increase real and virtual traffic with pay-as-you-go initiatives, coupons and offers.

Three steps to more loyal customers

Superhood gives you tools to promote your products and services to your local community. There are no groups to join or permissions to ask, just simple, location-based social engagement.

Superhood provides you with rich opportunities to interact with people who live, work, or spend time in your neighborhood. Test new ideas, respond to and align your business with local events and happenings, and learn from honest feedback so that you can better serve your customers. By creating and exchanging value in your local community, your business will grow in the heart of your neighborhood.

Download the Superhood for Business -app and create a free business profile.
Publish your news and offers regularly. Your posts are automatically shown to the people following your neighborhood.
Your business will stay in the minds of local customers, and your offers will drive more business.

Better local social media

We had a problem. How to keep up with local businesses and services without joining several social media groups and following various accounts in various platforms?

As a solution, we built Superhood, a privacy-preserving social media platform to serve the local ecosystems globally. A platform that has no mandatory registration, no groups to join, no information gatekeepers, no excessive algorithms, and no user tracking. Superhood’s mission is to transform neighborhoods into inclusive and happy places, where everyone can make their voice heard.  

Superhood is a global company headquartered in the capital of the happiest country in the world, Helsinki, Finland.