Superhood vs Facebook Groups, what’s the difference?

December 2021

Superhood is a community app for neighborhoods and places. Some neighborhoods are already using Facebook Groups or other closed group services to keep in touch. So what’s the difference, why is Superhood a better solution?

Follow the exact areas of your interests

In Superhood you can connect with the exact neighborhoods of your interests and follow what is going on in those specific areas. If the existing neighborhoods in the system do not fit your area you can draw your own on a map. In Superhood there are no closed groups nor permissions needed to join one. 

All news and content in Superhood are location-based, not inside a closed group. We believe access to local information should be inclusive to all. Yet, Superhood does also support a way to communicate to local people only, if you don’t want to broadcast your post openly. 

You are in control of what posts you see

In Superhood you control what type of content and posts you’d like to see in your feed. There are no excessive algorithms or group admins to decide what kind of information is shown or can be shared in the feed. Simply select your interests when you connect a neighborhood. There’s also a way to quickly peek at other topics when you need to see more info.

You can be part of the community even without an account

The Superhood business model is not based on hoarding users’ personal information to be able to profile people for advertisers. Superhood does not track you or your activities on the Internet. You can connect and follow neighborhoods even without an account. An account is needed only when you’d like to contribute and post something.

The Superhood business model is a combination of premium paid features and advertising. The ads in Superhood are not targeted based on users’ personal information.

And many more benefits like …

Even the shy ones have a voice in the neighborhood. You can participate in neighborhood polls and discussions also discreetly without using your real name.

The power of content moderation is within the whole community, not among the group admins or single users. Everybody can participate and verify news or flag inappropriate content, but moderation is done collectively by the community.

The complete local ecosystem in the same service. Residents, visitors, city organizations, local authorities, and businesses are all part of the local community, providing vital information. 

Superhood is built to strengthen the local community. Get awards and benefits from your local businesses, without being force-fed ads.

And finally; No anxiety from collecting friends, likes, or views to get your message through. We believe that open information and a welcoming environment keep neighborhoods healthy and happy.

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